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Zoe Fegan

Artist / Brand Manager

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Zoe is an Irish artist, and a guitarist, pianist, and singer. Zoe has performed at many venues across Ireland and the UK and well as performing to large audiences in Europe.

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Ivana Douglas

Artist / General Manager

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Ivana is a self taught singer, guitarist and saxophonist. she has played in Europe and to audiences as large as 2,000. Ivana is also an experienced events organiser, running large event across Lancashire.

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Michael Conroy

Producer / CEO

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Founder of Koda Recordings and Koda Kreate. Michael has produced number 1s across the country and performed to audiences as large as 75,000

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Georgia Pepper

Artist / Social Media Manager

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Georgia is classically trained in many instruments including piano, drums, and oboe. Georgia has released her own music and performed as many venue across the UK.

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Charlotte Smith

Artist / Advertising Manager

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Charlotte is a guitarist, pianist and singer. Playing at venues across the country and to large audiences in Europe. Charlotte has also released her own music across all platforms.

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"At Koda Kreate we aim to provide high quality sample packs using live instrumentation, including vocals, piano, guitar and saxophone" - Michael Conroy - CEO

Koda Kreate was established in 2021 as a subcategory of Koda Recordings. Bringing professional music industry standard sample packs, Koda Kreate provides sample packs across all genres including EDM, R&B, Hip Hop and Pop.


Koda Recordings started in October 2017 by Michael Conroy an EDM producer from Manchester, UK. Michael has spent the last 4 years building Koda Recordings and extending his record label. Koda Recordings has had several number 1’s in the Beatport Chart.

Koda Kreate now continues the success of Koda Recordings with new, innovative and high quality sample packs.


Sample Packs

Offering high quality sample packs including live instrumentation.


Providing mixing services for tracks across all music genres.


Providing expert mastering services for tracks across all genres.


If you would like us to work on something specific for you please get in contact with us.

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