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Dry, unprocessed, untouched! Ready for warping, pitching, draging and dropping!


Stagg Bass, Yamaha Piano, P250-BK P Bass, This pack includes sensual alto saxophone riffs to add sparkle and lift to your music across all genres. The saxophone was recorded in a studio using an RE20 microphone in order to capture the deeper tones that the alto saxophone produces. Throughout recording the artist played with many genres in mind and included a variety of keys to ensure that these loops can be used across any music you want to create. Use these loops to create your summer anthem or simply to add depth and sweet tones to your track.

The smooth guitar picking in this pack will add movement and style to your tracks. Use these loops to create a gentle acoustic sound or add it into your summer dance track. The guitar was recorded in the studio using two AKG451 microphones, placing them on the 12th fret and the body of the guitar to give a warm sound for your tracks. The artist ensured there were many keys included in this pack to suit all your music making needs.